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Welcome, Naturalistas!

Okay, let’s try this once more (See Post Below…)

Hi, Naturalistas!
So, after procrastinating for the longest, it’s time to add my contribution to the cyber world of natural hair care. I attribute much of what I’ve learned about natural hair care from YouTube gurus like Kimmaytube, Nikkimae2003 and Taren916 (just to name a select few), and hair care forums, such as and My goal is to bring as much useful information to my readers-whether they be chemically relaxed, transitioning, post big chop or forever natural.

What kind of posts you should expect to see:
My blog is devoted to all things related to Natural Hair.
When I say natural hair, I’m specifically referring to Natural, Afro-textured hair. While naturalistas come in all ethnicities, in my effort to give you the best advice I have to help with your journey, I’m sticking to what I know best-which is how to care for and style natural, Afro textured hair. It’s the only hair I’ve been working with day in and out for 25 years!

With that said, this is not intended to deter anyone from visiting my blog, just a note to readers that some of my specific posts on natural hair care may not suit your personal hair needs. This even applies to my natural, afro textured sistas as well-only you know how to best care for your luscious locks!

Something that I hope everyone will enjoy are my posts on natural hair related news, fashion, music, celebrities, science/tech, as well as a myriad of other topics.

What better way to kick this off by sharing my own natural hair journey?

The Beginning
June 2, 2009-The BIG CHOP!

After years (and I mean 20+) of chemically treating my hair, I finally made the decision to shave all of my hair off. My hair had been so damaged from years of mistreatment, that it would break off even if I gently fiddled with it around my fingers. I was so obsessed with starting anew, I was going to literally pluck every hair out of my head! Alas, I was too lazy, so I settled for the Amber Rose look in place of “the Tommy”, from the classic sitcom Martin.

Everyone told me I would regret it, but I haven’t looked back. I’m loving the journey my hair has taken me on, and the exciting part is, it’s only the beginning! Looking forward to meeting some amazing naturalistas along the way!

Two years later, June ‘11

Stay naturally beautiful!


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